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  • Yarn Advent Calendar

    I'm often reminded how good it is to celebrate and cultivate joy in my life. It's easy to over look its importance with all that is going on in th...
  • Accepting the Process

    So, despite my inner voice telling me it's time to rip out a week of knitting, I just rip back the ten rows of Grace's Garden. I can save this; what can I say, I'm an optimist...  Because I was being stubborn, I now had to also accept this project just became a four skein fade (never a good sign when the concessions start piling up).

  • The Yarn You Need When You Don't Need More Yarn

    Then along comes Goddess, the laceweight Kid Mohair/Merino epic yarn of my life! I carry a skein in my purse for emergencies like traffic stress or when some poor sod asks me what I do...  Goddess has the most sophisticated amount of sexy floof. Dare I call it aloof floof?