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Yarn Advent Calendar

12 days of minis with the option to add full size skeins, individually eco wrapped, and a choice of bases.

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Magic! What more can I say! Exquisite fibre, beautifully curated with customer service that is quite simply superb. Thanks Les for every first rate thing you do at Prosper ... already planning my next order! Sue C.

Excellent Service

What absolutely wonderful customer service and attention to detail from this awesome New Zealand business as well as great products! Thank you so much Prosper Yarn :) S&S

Perfect Kit Set

So scrumptious!! This gorgeous box held not only the stunning yarn, but a cute pack of stitchmarkers, a wool needle, and the neatest little label! Definitely worth it! Kerryn

first fridays

Join us in store

Every first Friday of the month we meet up from 4 to 7:30pm and get some rows in amongst laughter and sharing. It's a small, fun gathering for beginners and mavens alike! Everyone is welcome.

we have our making to give us patience, to distract or enthrall us, to remind us of what we are capable - and most of all, to manifest & share joy and love.

makers are lucky