a meditative knit

the Cardi Cocoon yarn kit

an exquisite bundle of yarns to complete the Cardi Cocoon

perfect for knitting on the go

the Firebird Scarf Kit

Grab everything you need to knit this brand new pattern from local Auckland knitwear designer Black Cat Knit Co! Designed with our Legend yarn and named after one of our iconic colours, Firebird. Legend is a lush mix of Merino, Yak, and Silk - incredibly soft with that silky drape.

get started

DIY that wardrobe!

We love helping you make beautiful things & sharing how fun it is. We're always here to help and cheer you on! Come in anytime, email, DM, join a workshop, register for a first Sunday, or come to our Thursday Maker's Nights. You'll get the hang of it and never look back!


Magic! What more can I say! Exquisite fibre, beautifully curated with customer service that is quite simply superb. Thanks Les for every first rate thing you do at Prosper ... already planning my next order! Sue C.

Excellent Service

What absolutely wonderful customer service and attention to detail from this awesome New Zealand business as well as great products! Thank you so much Prosper Yarn :) S&S

Perfect Kit Set

So scrumptious!! This gorgeous box held not only the stunning yarn, but a cute pack of stitchmarkers, a wool needle, and the neatest little label! Definitely worth it! Kerryn

late night Thursdays

Join us in store

Our First Fridays are over for the year, but exciting news: we will have late night every Thursday starting in mid Jan 2024. Great for some after work shopping or join in our free Thursday Night Makers' Group!

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Answers to Common Questions


See our shipping page here.


We are unable to except returns but we can exchange unused, as new items. We offer a 'no yarn chicken policy' - buy an extra skein just in case, then exchange for new yarn for your next project if you don't need it.


Some of our yarns are gentle machine wash, & some are hand wash only. Each listing will indicate which - but all yarns are dry flat.

We recommend a squeeze of lemon juice in your soak water to maintain the dye bond. We also recommend Eucalan wool wash which you can find here on our website.


We use professional acid dyes, dye to complete absorbtion, and wash any loose dye from our tools in mason jars. Once the jars are deeply coloured we use them to dye our one of a kind Mason Jar skeins. We keep our dyes out of the water system!

We participate in an international carbon neutral shipping program & and our mailer bags are compostable. We keep our packaging to a minimum, and use compostable or recyclable products whenever possible.


We welcome everyone and respect individuality. We offer a safe and kind environment and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


Our photographs represent our colours to the best of our abilities. Everyone's screens will interpret colours differently. If this is a concern, drop us an email or a text to discuss your needs.

We dye with artistic intention and attitude. Repeating each colourway with 'match the photo' exact precision isn't in our wheelhouse. We do have detailed recipes but use measuring spoons instead of jewellers scales.

Dyes vary, expecially since Covid forever changed shipping logistics. Even though we buy the same colours from the same vendor - the colour may be different, and this is out of our control.

For these reasons we always suggest you double check the quantity of yarn needed for your project.