At The Yarn Lounge

At Our West Auckland Studio, 202 West Coast Road:



The Yarn Lounge (Prosper Yarn Studio) is your space whenever you need it M-F 11am to 5pm.  We're also here on Saturdays from 11 to 3.

We host a makers' get together on First Fridays, and every Saturday. 

The first Friday of each month we gather from 4pm to 7:30/8pm for byo nibbles, drinks, making, and lots of laughter. Bring your WIP or cast one on, a favourite drink or food (or not if you would prefer to wear your mask we support you). It's usually a small group. Every Saturday from 12 to 3pm is also a making session, and a good time to get advice on your project or to get started if you're new to making.

Check our Google business page for a daily updates.

Sometimes you just need a comfortable, well lit, relaxing space (that may smell like wet wool) where you can unwind and get some rows in.

If you would like to host a workshop, a yarn party, or hang an exhibit please let me know at  

Best parking is behind the studio.

Our studio is an inclusive, safe place where everyone is welcome.