•  We use high quality yarns dyed with extraordinary colours.  Our yarn bases come from New Zealand & Australia whenever possible or imported from reputable international mills.
  • This is a woman owned and run small business.  We practice inclusivity - learning, adjusting, and exemplifying as a lifetime endeavour.
  • We make eco conscious choices to offer non treated organic wools, low impact packaging, and pay to offset emissions in shipping.
  • We support the humane treatment of animals (I eat a vegan diet) and require our wool to be mulesing free.

Hey there,

Nice to e-meet you.

I'm Lester the proprietor of Prosper Yarn. 

Of all the things I could declare myself to be, 'teacher' defines me best. Effective teachers never stop experimenting and creating; and curiosity seldom waivers. 

This business puts me in the enviable position of learning and teaching about fibres, yarns, colour theory, and the endless possibilities of making with fibre.

I learned my love of making from both my mum and dad. My mum taught me to push boundaries and explore. My dad taught me about the importance of good quality, and the satisfaction one gets from making when using the good stuff. Turns out, Prosper Yarn sums up those two philosophies beautifully.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me and Prosper, and for supporting this small business.

Live Long, Knit, & Prosper,

Lester Mismash