Hahei Beach image taken from the shade of a tree shows smooth almost black bolders and rock on smooth sand in the foreground of a curving coast with still turquoise ocean and blue sky filling the background

I'm often reminded how good it is to celebrate and cultivate joy in my life. It's easy to over look its importance with all that is going on in the world.  I know you'll get this: yarn & making are often my counterbalance. Seeing the colours and feeling the fibres has this simple way of making me smile. So you can imagine unwrapping little individual presents of hand dyed yarn each day is my idea of the perfect way to end the year and start off the new one in good spirits.

In New Zealand, where we are based, the end of the year means the coming of summer, and reconnecting with friends and family. More often than not, a beach day (or several) is involved. Celebrations and get togethers focus on doing and experiencing; making long lasting memories.

We wanted to embrace this special time in true Kiwi style, celebrating making and giving, getting amongst it, and letting that Summer warmth roll on in to welcome arms with beachy, Kiwi Summer colourways.  

Our Advent Calendars (there's plenty to choose from) will be a celebration of Prosper hand dyed yarn.  It will feature kettle dyed beauties perfect for colour work, as well as hand painted & speckled colourways just right for scrappy projects, fades, and fun stripes. 

There will be an emphasis on natural colours found at the shore from the pastel hues of dune life to the greys, saturated blues and turquoises of sea & sky. And you bet the gorgeous summer blooms of the Pohutukawa will grace these sets with its brilliance.  

Don't miss the fun as I only have one elf so sets are limited... more details are on the product listing page.


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