I have always been interested in the cross over between disciplines. In architecture I have seen firsthand the influence dance and choreography can have on a 3 dimensional design. Even in my own studies I pursued this curiosity and mixed data and information with drawing...

So why not bring artists who work in different mediums to explore dying yarn through a type of artist in residence program? An Artist in Residence is a collaboration between an artist and a host. Typically these programs provide artists with the space and resources to support their creative practice.

Dying yarn and creating with yarn deals with colour, texture, and form. Seems tailor made for creative expression. So I let the idea rattle around until fate placed me with an artist willing to test the concept.


Meet Amanda Billing, an absolute creative tour de force: actress, photographer, artist, and entrepreneur. We put her in the dye studio, taught some basic techniques, introduced our dyes, then gave her the tools to break loose. She took to it like a duck to water, of course.

The residency & Amanda's fibre work is already evolving, becoming more provocative, and getting really exciting.  When she feels there is a body of work appropriate for a show, or is ready to move on to her next creative pursuit; we will have a proper art show and you're invited!


While the originals may or may not be available for sale in skein form, Tara and I will choose three or four colourways from Amanda's yarns and reproduce them for you in a special, limited edition quantity. So stay tuned for information about the opening (we will do an Instagram Live also in case you're not in Auckland), and the pre-order for our Artist skein series.




  • Janice miller said:

    Gosh I hope celestial body #8 will be a consideration. Such a fantastic co-lab. No need to reply.

    September 27, 2022

  • Tracey Majurey said:

    What an incredible opportunity, have always dreamed of a space to stretch , push and scream my artistic thoughts, line them up , knock them down, be continually in flow , where time evaporates and your perfect world begins.
    Really enjoyed your article. I had the honor to work with Anda during my time at the Globe theater. Has been wonderful watching her endless energy , smashing the art scene, living her dream .

    September 27, 2022

  • Amanda Billing said:

    I’m SO HAPPY to be doing this with you, Lester. I feel this is a match made in creative heaven. Thank you so much for asking me to be your inaugural artist in residence. It’s a pleasure and an incredible opportunity. xAB

    September 27, 2022

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