So what's the Mystery? How do we knit along? What if I'm not a fan of bold & daring, why would this be fun?

A Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) means you won't fully know what you're knitting before you begin.  However, you will know what gauge yarn, and how many skeins of how many colours are needed. You'll also get recommended gauge and needle requirements. Then, the MKAL begins on a certain date when the first section of the pattern (clue) is released! Then each week another clue is revealed, and at the end of the Knit Along, the final design is yours.

images by Stephen West of Westknits

Stephen West's Westknits Mystery Knit A Long has become one of the biggest knitting events of the year. This year marks the Westknits MKAL's 13th year. Tens of thousands have participated over the past decade, some joining in every year. 

images by Stephen West of Westknits

Knitting along, means we are virtually or in real life, knitting with others who are also participating in the MKAL.  Virtually, we can read and make comments, ask questions, and see pictures in the MKAL Ravlery group. You can also join a physical group in your area. Check your local library, Facebook, or contact Creative Fibre (if you're in New Zealand) to find a group near you. Another good source to locate a physical group is your local yarn shop if you're lucky enough to have one in your area.

Prosper Yarn will have MKAL sessions every Saturday in October!

Please join us anytime between 12 to 3. We are located in West Auckland, just across from the Glen Eden train station. Best parking is behind our shop in the Glenmall shopping area. We will have tea and coffee, please bring along your favourite nibbles if you like.

So, why not learn in an extremely supportive environment?

This is my 1st Westknits' MKAL. I prefer classic & calm, so I have always shied away from participating in this outwardly bold event. However a wise friend pointed out I also love to learn and push the boundaries of my knowledge. So, why not learn in an extremely supportive environment? It's the key reason she participates. I told you she was wise; so how could I say no. Stephen West is innovative and so creative, there is always something new to be learned. It's basically like getting a course in new methods (and some tried and true ones as well) for the price of a pattern! You get access to his well written pattern, his You Tube channel, and the combined knowledge found in the aforementioned groups. 

Now I was curious. I pulled up Stephen's pattern page and began to visualise his patterns from a textural perspective. I love texture so I got more and more excited about this MKAL - what if I chose a muted palette and really pushed the texture aspect of his designs? Yes, I could get into this, especially since this year will include cables (of what kind I can't even imagine) which I love. So I jumped in and bought the pattern. And I gotta tell you, I am super excited. I chose the Chuffed base, the colours Sandcastle and Kate Moss and will use Patience as my pop of colour held double with Mint in Patience to give it extra umph. Also because I am incapable of doing a project without Mint...

So join in! There's no hurry, knit at your own pace. Don't feel compelled to finish one clue before the next one is revealed. I know I won't be able to always keep that pace, because... life. To join, you just need to buy the pattern online. That's it. Then clues will be emailed to you once a week for 4 weeks (the whole month of October). 

We have also curated some beautiful MKAL kits you might just love... there's still time to get one since you can begin this adventure anytime you like.

Live long and knit!


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