I love yarn.  I collect it with no apparent pattern in mind.  It's soft and beautiful - and I don't have to feed it or clean up after it.  There are plastic bins involved now. I am knitting as fast as I can, everywhere I can (that's another post waiting to happen), but still, the stash does not decrease.  I have no idea why (wink, wink). I don't need more yarn...

Then along comes Goddess, the laceweight Kid Mohair/Merino epic yarn of my life! I carry a skein in my purse for emergencies like traffic stress or when some poor sod asks me what I do...

Warning:  I am a yarn enabler!  Read further at your own yarn storage risk.

So, Goddess, the yarn you need when you absolutely don't need any more yarn.  I say this because it's what I call a 'stash mobiliser'. You can pair Goddess with other yarns in your stash and have heaps of fun with the resulting texture and colours.  It can help stretch yarns into more patterns by bumping up their gauge and coverage.

Goddess is the most versatile yarn in the shop because you can hold it single with a smaller needle and get a fine fabric, or use a larger needle and go for a lacey look; hold Goddess double and you're in a fingering weight/4ply territory. Or as we just talked about, add a single or double strand to another yarn and you suddenly have a sport or a bulky.

Oh. My. Gosh. I never, ever, ever imagined I would be knitting with a lace weight yarn! But here I am, thinking of all the ways I can keep knitting with it!  There's just no end.  And it's only 50grams - such a tiny package for 450 meters! Seriously, how can little teeny, weeny, 50grams of Goddess not be a blessing to the stash! And I haven't even mentioned the floof factor...

Goddess has the most sophisticated amount of sexy floof. Dare I call it aloof floof?  Sometimes Kid Mohair can be a little teenage musical for my taste.  Not Goddess.  It's floof perfection.  It adds this ephemeral, heat shimmer of an effect that has to be experienced to truly appreciate.  

And please, if you know me, you know this isn't a made-up sales pitch - I actually am experiencing Goddess as such a great resource, and just want you to feel this joy too! So use Goddess to mobilise that stash and add so much potential to what you can make. 

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